Activities for DEC Art students

To all DEC Art students:
Please choose a statement below and follow the instructions.

1. Write a short note to a friend, using pictures instead of words. Is it easier or more difficult to "write" in pictures?

2.Many advertisements are created by graphic artists. Pretend you are a graphic artist, and  create a travel brochure advertising a journey to the past.

3.Using your pencil or pen, draw as many different textures as you can.

4. Make a list of basic geometric shapes, then list animals or parts of animals that have roughly those shapes. For example, a ladybug is roughly the shape of a circle, and a bird's wing is almost a triangle.

5. How could you create a pattern with the socks you are hanging from a clothesline?  Draw examples

6.Choose a shape and list as many everyday items as you can that are similar in shape.

7.Choose a color, then list as many things in nature as you can that are that color.

8.Imagine you are a designer for a wallpaper manufacturer. Describe or design the wallpaper you would create to  hang in your bedroom.

9. Describe or design an original postage stamp that commemorates an important event in history.

10.Write a list of dos and don'ts for using a paintbrush or another art tool.

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