Kim Coyle

Hello students and families,
June 3rd will be the last day that work will be posted for the year! If you are behind, use this as an opportunity to get caught up on your work and get everything submitted! 

My work will continue to be posted on Class Dojo. You can access this page with the following website:  

Once you are on the website/ app, sign up as a student using the icon that says “enter your class text code”.

Enter our class text code: UUD OVA  Last updated 5/25/20 @9:30 AM   (all caps...there is a space in between the first three letters and the second three letters 

After entering your class text code, select your name from the list in the class.
As always, I am available via email, as well text message and phone call. At this point in the process, you all have access to that information. Do not hesitate to use it! 

Can't wait to continue our journey together!! 

Mrs. Coyle