Ashley Burgette


                             Mrs. Burgette

Hi parents, 

This page is to provide enrichment work for your child. This is NOT mandatory and there are no deadlines or assessments. I am providing optional work for your children. All the the assignments are skills that they have already learned in the past. I have also linked great educational websites that the children enjoy. I will also be reaching out daily to see how everyone is doing and to see if you need any additional support. As always feel free to contact me on the classdojo page that we have been using. I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their time together! 

**Before we left I did send home packets that focused on the areas of;

Writing prompts
Social Skills

I included this work because it was our students normal routine before we were off for school. The Fundations sound packet is a great review of sounds and blends and the handwriting book will also last for a while if you chose to have your child do it. 

I have provided writing prompts, however if your child would rather practice their writing skills free writing that is always great too!

Day 1: Describe one time when you were brave.
Day 2: If you could cook any meal for your family, what would you cook? Describe the meal.
Day 3: Would you want to visit the moon? Why or why not?
Day 4: If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? Describe the pet and how you would take care of it.
Day 5: Describe the oldest person you know.
Day 6: Describe the youngest person you know.
Day 7: Do you think a monkey would make a good pet? Explain why or why not.
Day 8: What do you like best about your home?
Day 9: Describe your favorite season (fall, spring, summer, or winter). Tell what kinds of things you like to do during that season.
Day 10: Which superpower would you most like to have-- invisibility, super strength, or the ability to fly? Describe what kinds of things you would do with your powers.
Day 11: Think of a time when you've won something. Tell what you won and how you won it.
Day 12: Describe one thing you're really good at.
Day 13: Imagine you were twenty feet tall. Describe what life would be like.
Day 14: If you were a doctor, what kind of doctor would you be? (examples: children's doctor, veterinarian, eye doctor, dentist) Tell what your job would be like.
Day 15: Describe your favorite character from a book, a movie, or television.

I am working on doing read alouds, social skills, morning meeting and other activities on our class dojo page. I will let you know if I release a video or activity.