Linda Speicher

Week Of May 26, 2020

Hello Everyone,
We have now completed 5 weeks of mandatory "virtual learning" .  Remember any work that I post on my Class Dojo page is now considered mandatory. The 4th quarter marking period is a  pass/fail .   If you have days when things are happening and your child is not able to complete all the work or even do any of it, please just email me or message me in class dojo.   I don’t want this to be a stressful demand put on you or your child.  Just reach out to me for help and assistance.  I understand this is new to ALL of us, including me.  We are all trying to do our best. 

Please visit my class dojo page each morning to see the work that is posted.   You can also get the app on your phone.  If you still need a Chrome Book for your child you can call Mr. Quinn at DEC or message/email me at

Once you are on the website/ app, sign up as a
student using the icon that says “enter your class text code”.

Enter our class text code which changes every 48 hours (don’t ask me why) but it does.  I will update the code and post it here on my class page as needed.  If you have problems email me.  Remember to use all caps, and there is a space in between the first three letters and the second three letters.

Class code   Updated 5/26/20     4th grade = MDI GXD                                                                                                            
                                                          5th grade =  BQM KXJ

After entering your class text code, select your name from the list in the class.
Remember I am available via email or message me on class dojo.  You can also reach me by calling DEC.  I have been calling every parent at least once a week and emailing you weekly as well.  If you need to talk to me personally please email me and I will be happy to call you.  I am here to help my students.  I miss every one of them and hope they are doing well.     

We are all in this together!!


Mrs. Speicher